Update On Why Kevin Dunn Will Be Remaining With WWE

Kevin Dunn

Despite rumors that Kevin Dunn could be on his way out of WWE, a new report explains why that isn’t the case.

When Vince McMahon retired from WWE amidst an investigation into alleged sexual misconduct and hush money payments, the structure of the company drastically changed. Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan were named co-CEO’s of the company, and Triple H was made Executive Vice President of Talent Relations (a position once held by the now-fired John Laurinaitis who is also being investigated) as well as head of WWE creative.

With such a drastic change in the corporate structure, speculation began as to Kevin Dunn’s future with WWE. Dunn has been Vince McMahon’s right-hand man for decades, starting as an Associate Producer and working his way up to his current title of Executive Vice President of Television Production. He is also on the WWE Board of Directors.

Some reports indicated that Dunn was expected to leave WWE following Vince McMahon’s retirement, and there was further speculation after a report that Stephanie McMahon doesn’t like the executive producer. However, Triple H recently dropped a hint that Dunn will be staying with the company.

A new report from Fightful Select shed more light on the situation, saying that Kevin Dunn is indeed expected to remain with WWE. According to the report, WWE doesn’t believe they have anyone that could feasibly replace Dunn as the likeliest candidate to take his place was released during a prior round of layoffs, and due to the way the person’s exit went down a return to WWE isn’t likely.

Fightful Select also notes that at least a half dozen talent expressed frustration with Kevin Dunn’s production style and hoped it would be changing with the company’s new regime. One top talent and one former talent reportedly believe that the reasoning they’ve been given as to why that production style is used undermines their in-ring performance.