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Update On Tony Khan & Ring Of Honor

Tony Khan

Dave Meltzer has reported that Tony Khan fully intends to act as booker for the recently purchased Ring Of Honor and will run the brand separately from AEW.

Tony Khan promised a huge announcement on the 2nd of March edition of AEW Dynamite and he delivered when he revealed that he had purchased Ring Of Honor.

ROH’s future was under a great deal of uncertainty after the company announced a hiatus beginning after the Final Battle show in December 2021. The company does have a Supercard show scheduled for early April but beyond that, what happens with the brand under Khan’s management is still relatively unclear.

However, speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer reported that Tony Khan intends to run Ring Of Honor as a separate brand from AEW and plans to be in charge:

“[Tony Khan] bought it and it doesn’t appear he has any distribution. He didn’t have an answer as far as is Sinclair still gonna do it? Is Honor Club still gonna be around? He didn’t really have answers to those questions yet but he’s planning on running it as a separate brand and he’s planning on getting a roster for it.”

“He’s going to be the booker, it’s not like it’s going to be Cody Rhodes’ Ring Of Honor or anything like that. It’s Tony Khan’s thing. You know, Tony’s a smart guy obviously but man I worry so much, between the football and the soccer and AEW and now adding another thing. It’s a lot.”

As well as Tony Khan’s wrestling commitments he is also Vice Chairman/Director of Football Operations at Fulham Football Club and a Senior Vice President at the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Meltzer added some comments from Khan about his purchase of Ring Of Honor, saying he was the best person to take over the company:

“He felt that he was the best person, with the most financial resources, who could keep Ring Of Honor alive. Not just use the tape library but keep the thing alive. He didn’t say like 100% that he was going to but he is certainly pushing in that direction. He says they have to get distribution, there’s a lot of deals I’m sure he’s working on but they’ve all got to come into place.”

Meltzer added that CM Punk was one former Ring Of Honor wrestler who seemed pleased Tony Khan had bought the company instead of his previous employers:

“But they’ve got the library and CM Punk was really emotional practically about him getting the library and Vince [McMahon] not getting the library. Punk was critical about WWE without saying WWE about how a lot of the stuff that they have in their library is kinda hidden and that the talent doesn’t get any royalties which was an interesting thing to say because is AEW talent or Ring Of Honor talent going to get royalties if and when they do a streaming service?”

“I think obviously with the purchase of the Ring Of Honor library and their own library at some point, we know there’s gonna be either an in-house streaming service or they’ll be affiliated with someone. That’s a guarantee, that’s just the direction the business is going. And if that’s the case are they’re gonna be royalties because Punk brought that up and that’s another question there.”

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