Fresh Update On Speculation Surrounding William Regal

William Regal AEW

Despite William Regal only joining AEW back in March, there has been speculation that he could already be heading out of the company. This coupled with reports that he only signed a one-year with the company has led some fans to wonder whether he could be on the move.

On a recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that while the speculation was as a “non-story,” Regal had only signed with AEW for a year. Meltzer added that WWE would likely make an offer to Regal when his contract expires, commenting that it has been “discussed.”

William Regal Not Leaving AEW Any Time Soon

However, in an update posted on Twitter, Meltzer offered a correction on the length of Regal’s contract. The update stated that when Regal signed with AEW in the spring, he did so for three years.

The speculation around William Regal increased ten-fold in the hours leading up to Survivor Series with his long-time friend Triple H referencing him on social media. While with WWE, Regal’s dramatic announcement of WarGames matches was beloved by fans for years. Ahead of Survivor Series WarGames, Triple H wrote that it “wouldn’t be the same without…” while sharing a montage of the former NXT General Manager.

William Regal has previously revealed that he has a very close friendship with WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H, going back to when they worked in WCW in 1995. Despite this, he said that the pair rarely speak, happy to just let get on with their lives and their work.

“We are very, very close, incredibly Close. But we don’t talk to each other much. I’m gonna say this on this podcast, he knows I work for somewhere else. Now the reason we get on when I started working at NXT is he knows that I will never say yes if the answer’s no, if I think the answer is no. That might tell you a lot of things about me and there’s enough people will tell you that…

When we worked together, I was the last person, I probably spoke to him less than anybody else in the entire company. He didn’t need to speak to me, I get it, sometimes I get a one word text, and I will just take care of whatever, I knew what he meant. That’s how we work together. He knows now that I work somewhere else, he knows I would never talk to anybody. I know it’s hard for people to imagine that because everybody’s like, everybody’s different now. They think it’s okay to talk. No, he knows that’s the way I am.”

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