Surprising Update On Naomi’s Creative Plans Before She & Sasha Banks Walked Out Of Raw

Sasha Banks Naomi

A new report provided more information about Sasha Banks and Naomi walking out ahead of Monday Night Raw, including who was scheduled to win the main event.

Earlier tonight, it was reported by PWInsider that the main event of Monday Night Raw had to be changed when Sasha Banks and Naomi left the arena ahead of the show due to Banks’ frustration over creative plans. The match in question was meant to be a six-pack challenge to determine the next contender for Bianca Belair’s Raw Women’s Championship and was set to feature Sasha Banks, Naomi, Becky Lynch, Nikki ASH, Doudrop, and the recently-returned Asuka.

According to the report, Banks met with Vince McMahon to express her creative concerns, but the WWE Chairman refused to change plans and she made the decision to walk out instead of participating in the match. Her tag team partner Naomi went with her, leading to a segment on the show where Becky Lynch confronted Adam Pearce and the main event was changed to Becky Lynch vs. Asuka.

Fightful Select has now provided more information on the situation, reporting that they hadn’t heard of Naomi being directly involved in the situation, but that she did leave alongside Banks.

The report also notes that the rundown sheets handed out before the show had the main event highlighted in red, indicating that there could be changes made, and that no producer or referee was assigned to the match when the rundowns went out. According to Fightful Select, by the time the change to the main event was announced on television, word had already gotten around outside of the company and that several people backstage confirmed the duo’s exit.

However, the most surprising update is the fact that Naomi was originally scheduled to win the match, which would have made her the number one contender for Bianca Belair’s Raw Women’s Championship at Hell in a Cell. Despite the fact that she was supposed to win, she still chose to leave alongside her tag team partner. PWInsider confirmed that Naomi was supposed to win the bout.