Backstage Update On Ricky Starks Following Injury Rumours

Ricky Starks

Following speculation that Ricky Starks has suffered an injury a new report has offered a fresh update on the star.

At AEW All Out former Team Taz members Powerhouse Hobbs and Ricky Starks met in a grudge match to settle their differences. Team Taz had imploded weeks earlier when Hobbs blindsided and attacked Starks after the latter had lost the FTW Championship to HOOK.

However, despite the attack, Stark set his sights on big things, promising to move onwards and upwards as soon as he had dealt with Hobbs.

Come the big night it was Powerhouse Hobbs who scored the in win with a Spinebuster. The match got fans talking online as the finish appeared to come out of nowhere with the action coming to a halt after a little over five minutes. This led to suggestions that Starks was injured.

The rumours were potentially given more credence as the Jungle Boy vs. Christian Cage match was also deliberately short as Cage is suffering with an injury.

Despite this a new report from Fightful Select has appeared to confirm that Starks is fit and well. While it was noted that Hobbs was inline for a push up the card coming out of the match, there was no indication that the match would be so short. Interestingly, the bout was allotted more time but finished early.

With regards to an injury, Ricky Starks is said to be “healthy and good to go.” The report also dismissed suggests that the star had asked for his release, or signed a contract extension.