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Update On Potential Riddle Vs Randy Orton Clash

Randy Orton Riddle

A new report has offered an fresh update on the future of RK-Bro and a potential huge showdown between Riddle and Randy Orton.

Back in April 2021 on Monday Night Raw, Riddle and Randy Orton became the most unlikely of unlikely tag teams. The pair joined forces at the behest of Riddle, while Orton went along with the plan often wearing an exasperated look, normally reserved for a beleaguered parent.

Despite the rocky start outside of the ring, once the bell rang the two stars kept winning, rising up the tag team ranks. This eventually saw RK-Bro crowned Raw Tag Team Champions at SummerSlam. Although the pair lost the titles to Alpha Academy on January 10th, they have remained together, seemingly stronger than ever as they try to reclaim the gold.

However, despite the former champions presenting a united front, as is often the case, a shocking split is never too far away.

The rumours of the on-screen demise of RK-Bro have stretched all of the way to the summer of 2021, while a new report has claimed that the pair could be heading for a showdown at WrestleMania 38. Not only that, the match could involve the WWE Championship.

The report from Wrestle Votes notes that the match was first planned for SummerSlam, and then pushed back to WrestleMania. Although now only “a handful” of creative team members want the team to split.

The report comes after it was revealed that Riddle was originally scheduled to win the recent men’s Royal Rumble match.

Mike Johnson of PWInsider suggested that original plans for the match would have seen Riddle crowned the winner. It’s noted that plans were changed a “ton of times” over the course of the week leading up to the show, before the decision was made for Lesnar to be the surprise winner. Although Riddle was the frontrunner until the switch to Lesnar was made.

Furthermore, at one stage a pitch was made which would have seen Riddle’s partner Randy Orton win the match for a third time.

As it turned out, the Original Bro entered the match at number 20 and Orton entered at 29, with both men being eliminated by eventual winner Lesnar.

On the January 31st episode of Monday Night Raw, Riddle won his way into the upcoming Elimination Chamber match for the WWE Championship.