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Update On WWE Talents’ Twitch & Cameo Accounts


According to Wrestling Inc, Vince McMahon sent an email to talent this week reminding them that they have until this Friday, October 2nd, to ‘sever any unauthorized business relationships with third parties’ – with potential repercussions outlined in the email. WWE are also set to take control of talents’ Twitch accounts.

Wrestling Inc had previously reported in September that an edict had been issued instructing talent that they can no longer engage with third parties. The company later clarified the edict, stating that talent could maintain Twitch and YouTube accounts under their real names. However, they would still need to inform the company of those accounts.

Several talents had tweeted yesterday that their Cameo accounts and BigCartel stores would be closing at the end of the day. The apparent repercussions of not ceasing relations with third parties could extend to fines, suspensions or even termination of their contract.

The report from Wrestling Inc goes on to say that WWE ‘will be taking control’ of talents’ Twitch accounts in four weeks. Talents will still receive a percentage of the revenue, which counts against their downside guarantees. However, the accounts will be owned by WWE.

Fightful Select have reported a similar deal is in place with Cameo. WWE have reportedly notified talent that WWE has finalised an agreement to keep wrestlers on Cameo. However, it is noted that all payments will now be required to go through WWE.

This week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter states that, with regards to Twitch and Youtube, WWE told them talent were encouraged to use those platforms, but they could not exploit their WWE monikers to money via them as WWE owns those names.