Update On WWE Potentially Returning To Puerto Rico

Zelina Vega makes her entrance at WWE Backlash

After the incredible crowd reactions at Smackdown and Backlash, WWE Superstars have pushed for the event to be held annually in Puerto Rico, but things might not be that simple.

On May 5th and 6th, WWE returned to Puerto Rico for the first time since 2005 and hosted a red-hot crowd for both Smackdown and Backlash, as fans were given a double main event.

WWE later stated that the 2023 edition of Backlash was the most viewed and highest-grossing event in the show’s history, which has led to speculation it could move to San Juan on an annual basis.

However, Dave Meltzer feels that unless the Puerto Rico Tourist Board wishes to continue paying WWE, the Superstars will not be heading back.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Meltzer shared his thoughts on the Backlash crowd and why WWE continues to tour locations such as London.

“The thing is, they’re only going to come if they get paid to come. So, that’s up to how much the tourism board wants to pay. And usually, when it comes to this type of thing. Everything is different. Generally speaking, if they want to bring you in, if the tourism board brings you in, they’re not going to bring you in every year.

They’re going to use their money to bring in another act…they’re going to use their money on another act next year, it won’t always be WWE. For them to do a pay-per-view generally, and London is the exception, because when they go to London they’re not getting paid by a tourism board, they just feel like it’s time to do it,

But for them to come and do this, they’re going to have to be paid. They will go down there and do a house show, but for them to do a pay-per-view, they’re going to want a million and half dollars or whatever. That was what the rate was here. They got paid a million and half dollars by the tourism board to come in.”

Bad Bunny And Returning Stars Steal Show At WWE Backlash

With WWE recording record profits for a Backlash event, bosses have been keen to showcase the levels of crowd noise and reactions across social media in the last few days.

Fans in attendance were vocal from the off as they looked to support Iyo Sky in her losing attempt to secure the Raw Women’s Championship from Bianca Belair. While an emotional Zelina Vega wowed fans entering her match against Rhea Ripley with a Puerto Rico flag-designed outfit.

But it was music streaming sensation Bad Bunny and the return of Carlito and Savio Vega which saw the San Juan crowd pop the loudest.

H/t to WrestlingNews