Update On Warner Bros Discovery’s Interest In WWE

WWE Warner Bros Discovery

On April 20th it was reported that there was some interest within Warner Bros Discovery around potentially doing a deal with WWE. This is despite the media giant being the home of AEW.

Following the news of WWE’s deal with Endeavor and merger with UFC, attention has now turned to the upcoming media rights negotiations. With regard to these negotiations, longtime media journalist James Andrew Miller stated there was some interest from Warner in WWE.

However, it appears that the chances of Warner Bros Discovery picking up WWE programming are slim to none.

Speaking on the Mat Men Podcast, Andrew Zarian stated that he had been told by a “key person” at Warner that it’s “hard to believe” a deal could be made. On the podcast, Zarian read out what he had been told by the person within Warner, you can find that line below.

“With the investment that WBD is making in AEW programming, I find it hard to believe that they are going to grab WWE.”

Zarian added that he personally also doubts a deal would be made while noting that there was no way Warner Bros Discovery would say they had no interest.

“I’m not saying he’s wrong, I’m sure somebody said they were interested. How could you not be interested if that property is available? But the reality of it ending up on a Warner property… I don’t think it’s very high. I personally don’t see it as very high. The person who is saying this to me is not seeing it as a very high possibility, but you have to be dumb to say ‘no I’m not interested.'”

“Aggressive” Cost Cutting Coming To WWE

Speaking in a recent interview Nick Khan confirmed that WWE will undertake serious cost-cutting measures following the deal with Endeavor and the merger with UFC once all the details are confirmed. He stated that these cuts will be “aggressive” with the company looking to recoup at least $50 million.

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