Update On Vince McMahon Reportedly Taking Over Production Of NXT

Triple H and Vince McMahon

With reports suggesting that Vince McMahon will be taking a over production of NXT, new details have begun to emerge about what that might entail.

On September 1st it was reported that the black and gold brand would now be produced directly by WWE Chairman Vince McMahon and Bruce Prichard.

NXT is currently undergoing the largest overhaul in recent memory with a new set in the works while the brand has also received a new multicoloured logo and new theme song.

Speaking on the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez discussed the changes. With regard to the production of the show, Meltzer noted that McMahon will likely be overseeing the “bigger picture” rather than producing individual segments.

“I mean, it’s kinda been coming, you can feel this. So the gist is – this is based on what I heard, the story that Vince and Bruce will be Executive Producers is not the case but then again, I don’t even know who knows what right now because everything’s in transition. Most of the people in NXT don’t know anything. But I was told that they will, you know, like the big picture stuff, they’re taking over. The new logo was from – I heard Kevin Dunn but it’s from that side and the major stuff yeah, it’s gonna be them but they’re not gonna be like producing every segment of the show I don’t think. That may be wrong.”

Alvarez continued, adding that everything is very up in the air, and no one is entirely certain how the backstage changes are going to play out.

“It’s very clear that nobody is exactly sure what’s going to happen because there were people that said that Vince was going to be ‘hands on’ whatever that means. […] I think what’s gonna happen is there’s just gonna be a lot of rumours until the day it happens and then when it happens everyone’s gonna find out exactly what it all means.”

Meltzer closed by saying that there has definitely been a power-shift within the brand, with Triple H losing out. He again confirmed that the goals of NXT as a brand have changed.

“Well I mean they’re definitely – Paul Levesque [Triple H] has lost power and they’re gonna be in charge of the big picture stuff. How detail-oriented they will be, that remains to be seen. You know as far as what happens, is Bruce gonna go down there every Wednesday? One guy doing two TV shows is probably too much, adding a third – you’re just overworking people. But obviously, the goals of NXT have changed as we’ve talked about before. They want to do a re-branding of NXT with the show starting on the 14th which is the next live show.”

WWE President Nick Khan recently confirmed the “complete revamp” coming NXT’s way but said that Triple H was leading that endeavour.

NXT TakeOver: 36 took place over SummerSlam weekend and saw Samoa Joe become the first three-time NXT Champion while Raquel Gonzalez retained her NXT Women’s Title against former partner Dakota Kai.

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