Update On Triple H Being Disappointed With Returning WWE Stars

Triple H

One of the features of “Triple H’s WWE” has been his commitment to re-signing former stars who had been released by Vince McMahon. A number of these Superstars were people he had worked with before in NXT.

However, back in December, it was reported that The Game had been left “severely underwhelmed” by some of the returns. For the most part, none of the stars who returned have become a fixture in the main event scene, while Bray Wyatt has received an increasing level of criticism the longer his run has gone on. His match with LA Knight at the Royal Rumble was particularly divisive.

However, a new report has now suggested that these claims may have been a little premature. The report from Fightful Select notes that a long-time WWE employee said that it is unlikely Triple H would let his feelings like that known, even if it were true.

A member of the creative team added that Triple H didn’t expect any of the names who returned to immediately form part of the main event picture. Instead, bringing them back was more about adding more depth to the rosters on Raw and SmackDown. Numerous talents were also told that this is the case. The signings were seen as long-term projects, that would get a little more over every time they appeared.

When Triple H took over creative control of WWE, the issue of roster depth was immediately brought up.

Triple H Discusses WWE Sale

Speaking after Elimination Chamber, Triple H was asked about WWE being up for sale and what impact that could have on his role. The WWE Hall of Famer said that he stays away from that side of the business, and is happy to be left to work on the wrestling presentation.