Update On Thunder Rosa NWA Future

Thunder Rosa Thumb

NWA Owner and President Billy Corgan has given a definitive update on the future of former NWA World Women’s Champion, Thunder Rosa, despite reports that circulated elsewhere.

In a Twitter question and answer session following the star’s defeat to Serena Deeb at UWN Primetime Live, Corgan took to social media in order to calm the waters about Rosa’s current standing with the National Wrestling Alliance.

“No [she’s not leaving NWA]. You have to love press and media reports that don’t contact the company she is under contract to but instead listen to someone who has my email address but doesn’t write and ask. She’s under contract thru [through] 2021 and there’s a reason for that (it’s called excellence and faith).”

Billy Corgan’s emphatic statement was backed up by Dave Meltzer on the most recent edition of The Wrestling Observer Radio.

During a segment in which he talked at length about the star and her loss, Meltzer noted that he had been told she would be joining WWE or AEW but all rumours were false:

“She’s under contract to Billy Corgan and the NWA for a ways to go. She’s had interest from AEW and from WWE, you know as far as what happens, as far as, I mean AEW they like her, they’d like to use her more. I don’t see them [AEW] signing her at least as long as she’s got a contract with Billy Corgan because that would be bad business.”

Following his assertion, Dave Meltzer also noted that AEW are under the assumption that Thunder Rosa will appear for them further in the future with the blessing of the NWA.

Both Billy Corgan and Dave Meltzer’s response came after heavy rumours that the talent would be departing the NWA following the loss of her championship on Tuesday. Rosa herself played up to the speculation with social media posts that kept people guessing about her future.