Update On Speculation Linking Brock Lesnar With AEW

Brock Lesnar

Following the news that CM Punk and Daniel Bryan are reportedly on their way to AEW, speculation has now begun to surround another huge name. Brock Lesnar.

The rumours first began on a Wrestling Observer Newsletter message board, by someone who claimed that they had been told by a “reliable 20-year source” that Lesnar had signed with a company other than WWE. This immediately led people to believe that ‘The Beast’ had become the latest WWE star to join AEW.

However, speaking on the latest episode of the Mat Men Podcast, Andrew Zarian noted that this wasn’t the case.

“I can tell you right now that Brock Lesnar has not signed with AEW. They have spoken maybe once in passing, nothing serious what so ever. Everybody that I asked about this they laughed. That’s all I know. I can only tell you what they’ve said to me.

I also know that Dave [Meltzer] said that it is not true, Brock has not already signed with AEW.”

Zarian went on to address Lesnar’s current status with WWE, explaining that while he isn’t signed to the company, they would like him to be.

“Brock is not signed with WWE. I know WWE wants him. I have to just say, if I’m WWE, how the hell do you let him go? If this is the case. And it’s not. I’m not saying that it is, it is beyond stupid…

A lot of people have said that this is an indicator that WWE are trying to sell. And yes, you try and save as much money as possible when you’re selling. But, you also have to sell at your peak earnings. As much money as you can possibly make, you’ve got to make the company look the best that it possibly can. You’re not going to let all of these top talents go, if you’re selling it.

You’d want to stockpile them. A couple of years ago when they were stockpiling talent, I’d say ‘Yeah, maybe they are getting ready for a sale,’ because you want to have the most stacked roster.

I don’t believe this story about Brock Lesnar going somewhere.”

Brock Lesnar hasn’t been seen inside a WWE ring since being defeated by Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 36, over a year ago.

‘The Beast’ has continually been linked with a return to the company in recent months, but at time of writing there is no confirmation if/when he will come back to WWE.

One former WWE Superstar who looks ever closer to debuting with AEW is CM Punk. On the latest episode of AEW Dynamite, it was announced that the August 20th episode of Rampage would be held at the United Center in Chicago.

Following the announcement, Darby Allin cut a promo backstage where he appeared to call out Punk.

Allin said that he’d be in Chicago, adding that AEW is the place that wrestlers come to prove themselves.

“I’ll be in Chicago. You know I’ve been around a lot of men in this world that have laid claim to how they’re the greatest, and there’s only one place to really prove that. Right here in AEW. Even if you think you’re the best in the world.”

Daniel Bryan has also reportedly been in contact with AEW, with some saying that Bryan has already penned a deal with the company.

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