Update On Shane McMahon Following Horrific WrestleMania 39 Injury

Shane McMahon at WrestleMania 39

WrestleMania 39 was an unforgettable event for a whole host of reasons. From the crowning of Rhea Ripley as the new SmackDown Womens Champion to the epic encounter between Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes that surprised many when ‘The Tribal Chief’ retained his WWE Undisputed Universal Championship, it was a two-night spectacular that will live long in the memory.

During Night Two of the event there was a moment that will be remembered for all the wrong reasons. Making a surprise comeback to confront The Miz was Shane McMahon. The Miz had verbally attacked Hip Hop Superstar Snoop Dogg for forcing him to wrestle Pat McAfee just 24 hours earlier, a move that saw the music star turned fast food delivery spokesperson unveil McMahon as the next challenger for the WrestleMania host.

Entering to a huge ovation, McMahon made his way to the ring before cutting a promo thanking fans for their reception. Under orders from Snoop Dogg, a referee was then brought into the ring, and a match got underway.

However, just seconds into the action McMahon attempted a leapfrog but landed awkwardly. This sparked a bizarre scene where a medic attended to McMahon while the camera stayed on The Miz. As uncertainty reigned, Snoop took matters into his own hands.

The Hip-Hop legend drilled Miz with two right hands, before landing his own version of The Rock’s People’s Elbow finishing move and scoring a three count in a segment saving piece of action.

McMahon was quickly helped to the back by concerned WWE medical staff and underwent surgery for a torn quadriceps muscle in the ensuing days. Now a report has revealed the latest update on the former WWE European Champion’s recovery.

Shane McMahon Recovering Well From WrestleMania Injury

A report from PW Insider has revealed that McMahon is recovering well following the surgery and was recently spotted in New York:

“Shane McMahon and his sons were at yesterday’s New York Yankees game in NYC.

McMahon was walking around with a knee brace but beyond that, looked to be in good spirits and fine physically.”

McMahon hit the headlines last week when WWE Hall Of Famer Hulk Hogan revealed that the former WWE Hardcore Champion had contacted him with a view to match at WrestleMania 39.