Update On Rumoured Clash Between Brock Lesnar And Gunther

Brock Lesnar and Gunther stare down at the Royal Rumble

“Dream match” has become an overused term in recent years, but in the eyes of many fans, a match between Brock Lesnar and Gunther would be just that.

Brock Lesnar is one of the most dominant Superstars in WWE history, while Gunther has demolished everyone in his path since joining the company. The Giant Austrian built on a reputation that saw him stand tall over European wrestling for years.

The pair finally came face-to-face during the 2023 Royal Rumble match, before Lesnar got eliminated and went berserk at ringside. Their staredown sent a jolt of electricity through the stadium and appeared to hint that a match would be on the way. However, the two stars went in very different directions at WrestleMania 39.

Despite this, both Gunther and Lesnar have spoken out in favour of the match, with the Intercontinental Champion commenting that it “has to happen.”

Luckily for the fans and the two men involved, it seems that WWE is looking to make the bout a reality. The report from WRKD Wrestling notes that the match could happen in the summer.

“While Gunther has publicly stated during interviews that he’d like a match with Brock Lesnar, the idea has been floated backstage to potentially have them face off sometime this summer.”

Cody Rhodes Calls Out Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar got fans talking following the April 3rd episode of Raw where he closed the show by utterly demolishing Cody Rhodes, turning heel in the process.

A week later, Rhodes came to the ring to address the beatdown and his WWE future. The American Nightmare admitted that he had fallen short at WrestleMania 39, but had to keep working and moving forwards. Rhodes went on to reveal that while he’s scared of Brock Lesnar, that doesn’t mean he won’t fight him.

The Royal Rumble winner ended the promo by challenging The Beast to a match at Backlash.

It has been announced that Lesnar will be on the April 17th edition of the show to respond.