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Update On Riho’s Injury, When It Happened & When She’s Expected To Return

Riho posing on the ropes

A new report has shed light on the injury suffered by AEW star Riho at Battle of the Belts in January, including how long she is expected to be out of action.

Former AEW Women’s World Champion Riho earned a title match against current champion Dr Britt Baker, DMD, when she defeated her in a ‘Black Friday Deal’ bout on the November 26th episode of Rampage.

The two clashed over the gold at the Battle of the Belts special on TNT on January 8th. Despite giving it her all, and overcoming multiple attempts at interference by Baker’s allies, Rebel and Jamie Hayter, Riho was forced to submit to the Lock Jaw following a brutal Curb Stomp from the reigning champion.

Riho has been missing from AEW TV since the loss, and on January 28th tweeted a picture of herself in a sling and said she was “taking a rest”.

A few days later, the joshi star took to Twitter again to reveal that she was back in Japan and recovering from a broken collarbone.

Speaking on a recent edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer has provided an update on the inaugural AEW Women’s World Champion’s status.

Meltzer reported that Riho suffered a fractured right collarbone early on during the bout with Baker. Impressively, she completed the match as planned, blocking out the pain.

He went on to say that it is expected that we won’t see her back in the ring for around three months.