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Update On Rhea Ripley’s Status Following Royal Rumble

Rhea Ripley

Rhea Ripley is no stranger to the big stage. Having appeared on RAW and SmackDown in 2019, and wrestling at WrestleMania as a defending champion in 2020, many were surprised when the Australian ended up back in NXT.

However, following an impressive runner-up performance at the Royal Rumble, Ripley is set to depart from the black and gold. PWInsider.com reports that the brand which will host the brutality of the former NXT Women’s Champion in the future is as of yet unknown, but that Ripley will indeed be on either RAW or SmackDown going forward.

“The Royal Rumble was considered Rhea Ripley’s official WWE main roster debut. Ripley was not at last night’s Raw and as of today, she is not scheduled for Smackdown. PWInsider.com is told that the final determination as to what main roster brand the Australian star will be assigned to has not yet been made.”

In a recent interview, soon-to-be WWE Hall of Famer Brie Bella would speak of her admiration for Ripley, calling for the former NXT Women’s Champion to be “headlining RAW” in a recent interview.

“I’m actually bummed she’s not on the main roster yet because she constantly puts out great matches. Her look is incredible, she’s presence going to the ring. She’s still in NXT, which is great for NXT, but she should have been on the main roster years ago. Especially her storyline with Charlotte. I was like, ‘That’s someone who should be headlining RAW.’”

All eyes will now be on tonight’s NXT, as well as Friday’s SmackDown and Monday night’s RAW to see where Rhea Ripley lands.