Update On Potential NJPW – IMPACT Relationship [Exclusive]

Chris Bey - IMPACT star in NJPW

Ever since the confirmation that The Good Brothers had signed with IMPACT Wrestling after expressing their desire to work with NJPW again, rumours have been rife regarding a partnership with both companies.

In an interview for Sportskeeda several months ago, Karl Anderson told me how he was pushing for a relationship between NJPW and IMPACT.

“I want IMPACT to work with New Japan Pro Wrestling. I want us to take IMPACT Wrestling as high and as big as we can possibly get it, man. And we have a lot of friends in this business, man. We are very charming and persuasive brothers and we are going to work our a**es off to get people to come to IMPACT Wrestling, no matter what.”

Well, since then, we’ve seen NJPW’s Rocky Romero plugging NJPW World on AXS TV as part of Talk ‘N Shop Full Keg, while IMPACT’s Chris Bey has been announced for the Super J- Cup!

Ahead of Talk ‘N Shop A Mania 2, I caught up with The Good Brothers and Rocky Romero to ask for an update on any potential partnership, with the latter opening up on the exciting possibility of a working relationship.

“I think there’s definitely room in the world – and especially for professional wrestling fans – to see something like IMPACT and New Japan working together. But I think, step by step. Obviously the Good Brothers being a part of IMPACT and being great ambassadors with New Japan and their relationship with New Japan is very important to this kind of whole process – and obviously, me being tied to these guys as well as important to that.

“I think things are on a very, very friendly, friendly terms and better than they’ve ever been in years – let’s just say that – and I’m excited to see what the future holds because you never know, man. You never know.”

Romero would go on to say how he was being cautious not to speak too soon, but reiterated how big a step it is to have Chris Bey perform in NJPW as an IMPACT star.

“I don’t want to say anything too soon. I don’t want to speak out of place because I think it’s all exciting to watch. If and when it goes down, I think it’s going to be cool as f*** if it does, so let’s just all keep going in the right directions. I think Chris Bey being a part of the J-Cup is f***ing awesome. He’s a hell of a talent, and just to have him be on that platform in front of a different audience than what IMPACT would normally get, I think is huge for Chris – and yeah, I think it’s a step in that direction and we’ll see what happens.”

Speaking to his appearance on AXS TV immediately following IMPACT as part of Talk ‘N Shop: Full Keg, Romero continued, stating that he had to get permission from NJPW – but reiterating that things are “very friendly” between the two companies.

“Well, I mean, I had to get permission. I got permission from all the right channels and they were cool about it. I mean, if you even see that IMPACT was so nice to let me plug NJPW World and NJPW Strong on there. So, like I said, things that things are very friendly between the two companies. Obviously, the Good Brothers have a lot to do with that and I think it’s cool.

“I love that, especially in a world right now where there’s really just one company that’s the leader of this, right? They’re just so massive that some of these other companies who are who are really doing great things like IMPACT, New Japan, AEW – if we can all kind of be friendly and work together, I think it’s important to keep professional wrestling, f***ing growing worldwide, and that’s an important part of it.”

But when will we see The Good Brothers back in NJPW? I asked Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows!

KA: “It’s going to happen. We’re just waiting for the right time, right channel right situation with the world the way it is right now – but it’s coming.”

LG: “I’ll tell you what I think is exciting about it, amongst other things, is I think it would be awesome to enter New Japan – if and when we do again very soon – with IMPACT Wrestling World Tag Team Titles and you should check out Turning Point coming up on Saturday on the IMPACT Plus app.”

You can read the entire interview here.

Thanks to ‘Machine Gun’ Karl Anderson, ‘The Big LG’ Doc Gallows, and Rocky Romero for taking the time.

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