Update On Planned Bray Wyatt Horror Movie

Bray Wyatt, Royal Rumble

In 2021, WWE shockingly released Bray Wyatt.

The news came as a huge surprise as he was one of the company’s biggest merchandise sellers due to the popularity of his alter-ego the Fiend.

The Fiend was Wyatt’s horror-movie-inspired character that explored a dark version of himself. A disturbing vision of his multiple personalities intertwined with one another to transform into the supernatural, psycho clown that terrorised the roster.

Wyatt always had a penchant for the darker side of things and it was no surprise to hear that during his time away from the wrestling scene, he was working on a horror movie.

Collaborating with special effects master Jason Baker and Marvel writer Rob Fee the trio began work on a new feature film. However, since the initial buzz surrounding the project, any further news has failed to materialise. Until now.

Baker was interviewed in the Metro and revealed that the project has been postponed due to conflicting work schedules.

Prior to Wyatt’s return at last year’s Extreme Rules, Fee was hired by the company as part of the creative team. Due to their employment

“‘What happened was, was I was working with Bray and Rob Fee and then WWE hired two-thirds of the people working on it, and they started slamming me with work. It’s not dead, it’s just we’re all working over at WWE now. I’m sure we’ll eventually get around to it, but – alright, let’s just go and do this for now!

We were getting close, and then he started talking with Hunter, and then Hunter hired Rob. It was like, s**t, you guys aren’t gonna have any time to shoot a movie because we’re all gonna busy.

Then Bray came back, he’s like, ‘Well I need you to make a bunch of stuff.’ I’m like, ‘Well, when are we gonna shoot a movie if we’re all busy with WWE?’ It’s not a bad thing, this is where he should be! I’m sure we’ll get around to making that movie eventually, but let’s get him back where he needs to be, and that’s in WWE.”

Bray Wyatt called out Bobby Lashley for a match at WrestleMania

In the lead-up to WrestleMania 39, Wyatt turned his attention to the Almighty Bobby Lashley. Wyatt provoked the former WWE Champion with a revisit to the FireFly Funhouse and the Muscle Man Dance.

The match is yet to be confirmed, but with the supershow only a month away, it seems as if the two are on a collision course in Hollywood.