Update On Jon Moxley’s GCW Future

Jon Moxley

According to a new report, Jon Moxley’s GCW future is in doubt after he signed a new five-year contract with AEW.

At GCW Fight Club on October 8th, Nick Gage reclaimed the GCW World Championship after W. Morrissey of The Firm Chokeslammed Jon Moxley through a glass pane covered in barbed wire.

Gage followed up with two Piledrivers and a Chokebreaker to seal the victory and take the title back.

After the match, Gage claimed that the “other bullsh*t company” wouldn’t let Moxley wrestle in GCW anymore. At this, the three-time AEW World Champion said that he’ll wrestle wherever he wants.

These comments were in reference to the new five-year contract that Moxley signed with AEW.

Now, Fightful Select has reported that things aren’t as simple as Jon Moxley would like them to be.

According to the report, GCW sources alleged that AEW didn’t want Moxley involved in the title match, and further to that, they say the company has asked that none of their wrestlers work dates for the company.

However, Moxley seemingly insisted he be allowed to complete his run and lose the title to Gage as planned.

Fightful also noted that GCW representatives claimed they had no say in how the end of the match would play out.

With regards to independent dates, it is believed Moxley is still allowed to appear at indy shows, but only on a surprise basis, so companies would not be able to build their events around him being part of them.