Update On Jeff Hardy Potentially Returning To AEW

Jeff Hardy

In February Jeff Hardy’s DUI case was officially closed, bringing to an end eight months of legal proceedings.

Hardy was arrested on June 13th, 2022 and later suspended by AEW without pay. The former World Champion then spent time in a rehabilitation facility in an effort to banish his well-documented demons.

The case against Hardy was closed after he submitted a written plea of nolo contendere to all charges. This is where a defendant agrees to accept punishment but does not accept or deny responsibility for the charges brought against them.

Hardy was credited with serving 38 days in jail, placed on two years probation, paid $4586 in fines and court fees, and had his driving license suspended for ten years.

Speaking on the latest episode of his podcast, The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, Matt gave a detailed update on his brother and his rehabilitation.

“I think it was 38 days. I mean, the first thing Jeff did whenever he got the opportunity, he travelled to Florida and he stayed 90 days and did like an extensive rehabilitation stint. Really, really intense work on himself. And then even after that ended, those 90 days, he was doing outpatient where it was going every week. So I mean, he probably did 170 days, I would say altogether when it was said and done of treatment on himself like being there and trying to rehabilitate himself and like get to the bottom of this.

Why do you have issues? What is causing these? How can we correct this? How can we change this? And I mean, it’s just one of those things. My brother, obviously people who know him for many years, he has had so many addiction problems through the years but he’s never like, been this specific and never in detail, tried to work through it. You know, like really committed himself to this.

You know, there was a point where he was with WWE, and when he first got arrested for these issues, and he did go to rehab, it was for like 30 days or something and any And he did that. And it was a stint, and that helped him out a lot. But it was also at a very bad time in his life because our our dad was like, sick and literally, like on his deathbed, I think it was hard for Jeff to really focus like he should have then.

And to me now, the biggest difference is he had closure in our dad’s death. And that is done. And we were there when he passed away when he took his last breath, which we’re so happy we were. But now he just had time to just focus and worry about Jeff Hardy. And what do I need to do to make Jeff Hardy better? What do I need to do to correct this to be better for my family to be better for my daughter’s, and he spent all his time and energy on that. And that’s where I can see the biggest difference in my brother.”

Will Jeff Hardy Return To AEW?

Since joining AEW in March 2022, Jeff Hardy has wrestled for the promotion on nine occasions, most notably in a chaotic No Disqualification Match with Darby Allin. Now that Hardy is free of his legal issues many fans have wondered whether he could soon be back with AEW.

However, Matt Hardy revealed that any kind of comeback is yet to be discussed.

“That hasn’t been talked about. Will it happen? Maybe. Maybe not. That isn’t something that hasn’t been talked about at all at this point and it certainly wasn’t going to be like, his court case is done, he shows back up on AEW Dynamite.”

Jeff Hardy hasn’t wrestled since teaming with his brother Matt at AEW Double or Nothing on May 29th, 2022.

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