Update On Enzo Amore’s Status With MLW

Enzo Amore cuts a promo

Enzo Amore had an interesting wrestling career that has spanned a decade. the first promotion he worked for was WWE under the NXT banner and within a few years he managed to move up to the main roster, where he became a highly popular gimmick thanks to his promo delivery and catchphrases.

Unfortunately, that dream run was cut short by a sexual assault investigation that he failed to disclose to WWE. And when the existence of the investigation became common knowledge, he was let go.

Since then, Enzo Amore has tried balancing wrestling with other endeavours. He released a song called “Phoenix” several years ago which was based on his wrestling career, his release, and the case being dropped.

His last high-profile appearance in a wrestling capacity was in 2019 at the ROH/NJPW produced G1 Supercard show. Amore and Big Cass made a surprise appearance that few people knew about, to the point that it was believed to be a “shoot” run-in and not part of the program at all.

Unfortunately, that ROH career didn’t pan out and so Enzo began working elsewhere. For a while, it looked like he settled down and found a new home base in Major League Wrestling (MLW), but now that appears to have ended as well.

Enzo Amore left MLW due to “creative differences”

According to a report from Fightful Select, Enzo, who wrestled in MLW as “Real1”, left the company after it decided to sever ties with him.

The report also indicates that Enzo didn’t approve of some of the creative proposed for him and didn’t want to work with several top-level stars in the company.

Enzo’s deal was based on a per-appearance basis and was starting to become a key fixture of MLW’s programming before the two sides decided to part ways.

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