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Update On Daniel Bryan Reportedly Signing With AEW

Daniel Bryan

After the rumours surrounding Daniel Bryan returning to the ring with All Elite Wrestling first surfaced there has now been a new report on his status.

According to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, the status of Daniel Bryan – who in his pre-WWE life wrestled under his real name of Bryan Danielson. Meltzer says Bryan’s future looked to be tied up in his desire to compete in New Japan Pro Wrestling, and any company that had a relationship with them looked to be the favourites to sign him.

Meltzer explained:

“I know [AEW]’ve been talking to Bryan Danielson for a while as well. As far as Bryan Danielson goes, there’s a lot of factors that we’re going into whatever decision he would make and it was New Japan, AEW and WWE, I don’t think that he considered anybody else. He has loyalty to WWE. Loyalty to Vince McMahon and has a lot of friends in WWE. At the same time, the company with the relationship with New Japan was going to be the favourite to get him. Nick Khan was trying to make that deal and apparently, he did not. And just watching the show tonight, watching a New Japan championship change hands on an AEW show, and seeing Hikuleo, a New Japan guy, and Yuji Nagata and other guys that are probably going to be coming, AEW has a relationship with New Japan and it does not appear that that is going to change. So that in fact would make AEW the favourites.”

“I know that you [Bryan Alvarez] have said before this ever got out that you had heard that he was gonna debut in New York nd it’s been reported today that he’s gonna debut in New York. So I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s true, but I certainly cannot confirm that. But from day one, the company that has the relationship with New Japan was the favourite. […] “The only thing I know is Danielson in the fall somewhere and as far as where I would certainly say AEW is the favourite because they got the new Japan deal.”

With wrestling companies looking to make seismic shifts in the business given the return of live fans, AEW is reported to also be in talks with another former WWE Champion.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Radio