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Update On Daniel Bryan’s Potential AEW Debut Date

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A new report has given further information on when we can expect to see Daniel Bryan make his long-awaited debut in AEW.

Speculation has been rife that Bryan will be joining the company since he made his last WWE appearance on the April 30th episode of SmackDown, where he was defeated by Roman Reigns in a match for the Universal Championship that had the added stipulation of Bryan being “banished” from SmackDown if he lost.

It was then reported on July 21st by that the Leader of the ‘Yes Movement’ had already signed with AEW and it was widely expected that he would make his debut at AEW’s first ever stadium show at Arthur Ashe Stadium on September 22nd. However, in an update to their initial report, said that AEW had changed plans to capitalise on the buzz created by CM Punk’s debut by bringing forward Bryan’s first appearance for the company to All Out on September 5th.

Now, Fightful Select has provided an update on the situation. According to their report, many of the wrestlers in the company expect Bryan to be at All Out, although, as with CM Punk’s arrival in AEW, they have not been outright told it will be happening.

“In speaking with talent, many are personally of the belief that Bryan Danielson, the former Daniel Bryan, is showing up tonight [September 5th].

“As has been the case, many AEW talent have not been outright told of this.”

CM Punk also dropped a major hint that Daniel Bryan will be appearing sooner rather than later with the company during an interview with Renee Paquette. When speculating on who his partner would be if he faced the Young Bucks, Punk said he didn’t think it would be “giving away spoilers” to say the American Dragon. American Dragon was the nickname of Daniel Bryan when he was known as Bryan Danielson before he embarked on his WWE career.