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Update On Cody vs WWE Trademark Battle

Cody Rhodes

AEW Executive Vice President and inaugural TNT Champion Cody has been embroiled in a legal battle with WWE for several months over his attempts to trademark old WCW properties that were created by his father Dusty Rhodes.

Cody is attempting to trademark “Slamboree” (an old WCW pay-per-view that ran from 1993 to 2000) and “match beyond”, which is the second half of the War Games match that takes place once all of the competitors are in the ring.

According to PWInsider, WWE opposed the filings on September 21, claiming it purchased the rights to the concepts in 2001 upon its purchase of WCW, and that both are used on current WWE Network programming and on

In its counter filing, WWE alleged that Cody’s filing for the trademarks was an “attempt to unfairly trade on the long-standing use and recognition” of their use in WWE.

Cody has had ongoing issues as it relates to trademarking properties that WWE believes it owns, including Bash at the Beach (which was used for special broadcasts of Dynamite in January), his father’s “American Dream” nickname and his own “Cody Rhodes” name.

The battle for “American Dream” is ongoing, with the United States Patent and Trademark office recently denying Cody’s attempt to file for the trademark due to an “inaccuracy” present in the documentation when he made the filing.

The issues related to the phrasing “live performances by a professional wrestler”, which was deemed by the office to be inaccurate because Rhodes is deceased.

Cody has to respond by January with the correct documentation in order for the trademark filing to proceed.

Despite his struggles with some trademarks, Cody has had some success with others, successfully winning the right to his father’s name after WWE let it expire, which allows him to fulfil his desire to write a book about Dusty Rhodes’ career.

Stay tuned for more on Cody’s trademark battle in the coming weeks and months.