Update On CM Punk & Ace Steel Returning To AEW, Chris Jericho Also Involved

CM Punk

What should have been a day of celebration for AEW and one of the biggest days in the history of the company has descended into complete and utter chaos due to the uncertainty around CM Punk.

On May 17th it was announced that AEW will be launching a new show titled Collision on June 17th. It has been widely reported that Punk will make his return to the company on the debut episode, and AEW’s roster will be split. However, Punk’s name was absent from all promotional material, at least in the end.

A press release from Warner Bros Discovery originally listed the star as appearing on Collision but this was later edited out. Punk’s name didn’t appear in the press release from AEW either.

To add to the chaos, Warner Bros Discovery denied that Punk is connected to Collision in any way.

This was followed by a report that Punk was pushing for Ace Steel to return to the company. Steel left AEW following the backstage fight at All Out following reports that he had been one of the aggressors.

In the midst of these reports, Punk took aim at the wrestling media and Bryan Alvarez over the reporting of this and other stories.

Chris Jericho Mentioned Ace Steel In Meeting With CM Punk

Meanwhile, a new report from Fightful Select has now offered an update on the situation.

The report states that WBD, TNT, and AEW have had promotional material made for Collision featuring Punk, and even advertising what is rumoured to be his first match back against Samoa Joe.

With regard to Ace Steel, his name was brought up during the recent meeting between Punk and Chris Jericho. Interestingly it was Jericho who mentioned the possibility of Steel returning to AEW in some capacity. The belief was that everyone working together “in harmony” would remove some of the backstage tension and show that both sides are willing to do business.

This was followed by another meeting this week between CM Punk and AEW. At this meeting Punk was told that Steel could return and even work directly with him, however, Steel would not be able to be at television tapings. There is no word on how Punk reacted, other than the fact he disagreed.

Fightful adds that they have not been told whether this decision led to Punk not being involved in promotional materials for WBD and the statement about him not being affiliated with Collision.

There were plans for a camera crew to film at CM Punk’s home on Wednesday, but there’s no word on whether this actually happened.

In closing the report states that Fightful has not been told of a change of plans for Punk.

CM Punk hasn’t appeared for AEW since the now infamous post-All Out media scrum back in September.