Fresh Update On Carmella’s Status Following In-Ring “Collapse”


A new report has provided an update on Carmella’s condition after the star appeared to sustain a head injury at a recent live event.

At a WWE Live Event on August 6th Carmella was competing in a Triple Threat Match with Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair and Asuka. During the match Carmella appeared to get knocked out, and immediately rolled out of the ring after falling to the canvas.

The referee quickly threw up an ‘X’ signal to indicate that the star had suffered an injury, and she was escorted backstage, shielding her eyes from the lights along the way.

Despite the scare it appears that the former SmackDown Women’s Champion isn’t expected to be out long-term. Writing in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer reported that the injury is not believed to be severe.

“Carmella was in a three-way with Belair and Asuka. They were all in the corner and Belair did a backflip and in going over, it looked like she hit head-on-head with Carmella, who was knocked out. She just collapsed. She rolled herself out of the ring and ref Daphanie LeShasunn called for help. Belair and Asuka then worked right to the finish where Belair pinned Asuka. Carmella‚Äôs injury was believed not to be severe although she did miss the house show the next night.”

The star’s most recent match on Raw came on July 18th when she was defeated by Bianca Belair. More recently she teamed with Tamina on the July 28th edition of Main Event where the pair were defeated by Asuka and Dana Brooke.