Update On Brandi Rhodes Following AEW Exit

Brandi Rhodes

A new report provided details on the whereabouts of Brandi Rhodes following her exit from AEW.

Cody and Brandi Rhodes were instrumental in the formation of AEW as a company, with Cody serving as one of the EVP’s and Brandi taking up the role of Chief Brand Officer. It came as a shock, therefore, when the couple announced their exit from the company in February of 2022.

While Cody made his return to WWE at WrestleMania 38 and became a featured performer on Raw before being sidelined with a torn pectoral muscle, Brandi Rhodes has stayed quieter and more out of the public eye as she didn’t return to WWE with her husband.

Now, a report from Fightful Select reveals that Brandi has continued her in-ring training, though she hasn’t wrestled a match since defeating KiLynn King on an AEW Dark Elevation taping in January.

The report continues, saying that Brandi Rhodes has multiple potential projects in the works due to a “cordial” relationship with WWE. One of these projects is said to be a potential partnership with KultureCity, where Brandi also serves as a board member. She was instrumental in orchestrating a partnership between KultureCity and AEW when she worked as Chief Brand Officer, and that partnership remains to this day.

Also, her first episode of Brandi on the Rocks debuted on the Nightmare Family YouTube channel on the 26th.