Update On Backstage Responsibilities In WWE

WWE Titan Towers

While there has been a tremendous amount of change at the top of WWE in recent weeks, it appears that there were already changes afoot backstage before Vince McMahon retired.

WWE is currently undergoing it’s biggest upheaval in decades. Vince McMahon has retired from his roles as Chairman and CEO and been replaced by Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan.

With regard to the on-screen product, Triple H has been appointed Head of Creative and Head of Talent Relations.

Vince McMahon’s departure came against a backdrop of allegations of sexual misconduct, which also appeared to play a role in John Laurinaitis’ recent exit from the company.

However, a new report has shown that there were already numerous changes taking place backstage with the role of producers shifting.

The report from Fightful Select notes that prior to being released both Joe Hennig and Ariya Daivari had become heavily involved in training, and were producing matches on Main Event. Interestingly, Daivari was expected to sign on a full-time basis after this but instead headed to AEW/Ring of Honor.

Daivari was most recently in action on the August 12th edition of Ramage where he took on Orange Cassidy.

WWE had also started doubling up on producer assignments, with segments which had previously been undertaken by two producers now being overseen by one. This is in part due to the departures of Daivari and Hennig.

Jason Jordan had been working as a senior producer and was rarely credited with work on specific segments, however, that has now changed. In closing the report adds that some producers had been taken off the road altogether to curb costs.