Update On AEW’s New Television Deal

AEW Warner Bros Discovery logos

Ahead of the announcement of All Elite Wrestling’s new Saturday night show, Collision, many had expected to also hear news on an extension for Dynamite and Rampage. However, the topic has not been discussed by either AEW or its current TV partner, WBD.

It had previously been reported that an all-encompassing media rights deal is in the works which would lead to all AEW programming coming under the WBD banner. This is said to be one of the reasons behind the recent cancellation of the Dark and Dark: Elevation YouTube shows.

In an update to the situation, Dave Meltzer reported in the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that the original deal between the two companies for Dynamite and Rampage came with an option year that WBD could still pick up at “a bargain price.”

“Regarding the television deal, the new deal did not include an extension for either Dynamite or Rampage. We are told that talks are going on right now regarding the option year, which would come at a somewhat significant increase.

“But that option year number was something agreed on in 2020, and would be way under the value of sports delivering the same level of numbers for 2024.

“WBD does have the option year it can pick up at what I’d consider a bargain price, and it’s not like WBD is looking at increasing spending if it legally can keep a property without doing so.”

Tony Khan announces first edition of AEW Collision will be held in Chicago

On the May 24th edition of Dynamite, Tony Khan brought an end to weeks of speculation when he confirmed that the first episode of Collision will be held at the United Center in Chicago.

There had been reports that the delay in the announcement was due to the uncertainty surrounding the much-anticipated return of CM Punk, with some saying if the star wasn’t going to be on the show, it could be moved to Jacksonville, Florida.

While the return of the Second City Saint has not been confirmed, Dave Meltzer has noted that the legal issues surrounding AEW and Punk have been “taken care of”, paving the way for him to get back in the ring.