Backstage Update On Max Dupri Being Pulled From SmackDown

Max Dupri & Adam Pearce

Someone within WWE has claimed that Vince McMahon’s retirement was the “best thing that could have happened” to Max Dupri.

Following the July 22nd edition of Friday Night SmackDown it was reported that Max Dupri was no longer with the Maximum Male Models. This is despite the storyline and the faction only debuting two months ago.

The previous week Dupri had promised that his ‘sister’ would be arriving on July 22nd. However, while his sister Maxxine Dupri (Sofia Cromwell) did feature, it seems that she is in fact his replacement.

The report discussing the former LA Knight’s exit from the group claimed that he had “rubbed some people the wrong way” and “wasn’t fitting in”. As a result, out-going WWE Chairman Vince McMahon made the decision to remove him.

A new report from Fightful Select has now offered an update on the situation.

Fightful note that they were told that Dupri was “un-booked at the last minute” and those involved in the most recent Maximum Male Models segment weren’t given any concrete information on his status. The report adds that McMahon had taken a serious interest in the group, as it was his idea.

McMahon came to the ring to produce the group’s debut segment himself, something that doesn’t happen often. In addition, he had a “distinct vision” on how Dupri should sound, and worked extensively with the star on this. The idea was that “Max Dupri” would sound nothing like “LA Knight.”

While Mace and Mansoor were said to be on board with the angle, Dupri had some reservations. One source indicated that he “ruffled some feathers” after challenging what some of the material some of the writers had presented for the angle.

Another source said that McMahon’s retirement was possibly the best thing that could have happened to Dupri, as he still has supporters within the company. Hinting the decision may yet be reversed.

On SmackDown, WWE announced that a beachwear showcase featuring the stable will take place next week.