Update On Potential Legal Action Against CM Punk & AEW

CM Punk entrance

Given the nature of what happened following AEW All Out between CM Punk, The Elite, and other involved parties, there was little All Elite Wrestling could do without the worry of legal action. An investigation was carried out, the results of which appear to indicate that CM Punk will be leaving the company, while The Elite will return imminently.

Discussing the possibility of legal action on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that AEW is yet to actually address the events themselves. The only unofficial mention came when Tony Khan vacated the AEW World and World Trios Championships; even then, Khan did so without directly mentioning CM Punk and The Elite:

“I mean, we haven’t even heard, AEW never announced that Ace Steel was gone. They never announced any of the suspensions. They never said anything and they will never say anything on this because of potential legal action, or whatever the reason is, but there’s subjects Tony Khan doesn’t talk about, and this for sure is gonna be one of them.”

“No Litigation” Against CM Punk Currently

Continuing, Meltzer and Wrestling Inc.’s Nick Hausman further addressed the subject, believing that there is currently no litigation being taken against CM Punk. Crucially, Dave Meltzer stated that although this is the case for now, there’s the possibility that there could be in the future:

“As far as I know, there isn’t [litigation], but that doesn’t mean that there won’t be. I suppose it’s possible on the other side too, but I have not heard that. I mean, the key to this is so much of the stuff has not come out and I don’t know that it ever will, but I know that there’s certain things that people want to come out that haven’t come out because everyone is essentially banned from talking about it that is involved.”

On the same broadcast, Dave Meltzer explained that due to the nature of what has transpired, he doesn’t believe CM Punk will be back in AEW at all.

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