Update On Which Brand Bray Wyatt Is Assigned To

Bray Wyatt

A new report confirms which brand Bray Wyatt will consider home following his Extreme Rules return.

For weeks leading into Extreme Rules, cryptic QR code clues were peppered into WWE programming and seemed to signal the upcoming appearance of a mysterious White Rabbit character. As the clues continued, it became more and more apparent that they were most likely hinting at a Bray Wyatt return to the company as there were references to patricide, the words “let me in,” and even a quick shot of Huskus the Pig, one of the characters in Wyatt’s Firefly Funhouse.

Sure enough, after Matt Riddle was victorious in the main event of Extreme Rules, the lights in the arena went off and fans held up their phones to create the familiar firefly effect that was synonymous with Wyatt during his previous run with the company. Live versions of the Firefly Funhouse characters were shown throughout the arena, and a severed Fiend head appeared on the announce table before a mysterious masked figure appeared carrying a lantern. Bray Wyatt removed the mask, said “I’m here,” and blew out the lantern to end the show.

Fans tuning into the season premiere of Monday Night Raw may have been disappointed not to see the returning Eater of Worlds live, as he appeared only via video packages and a garbled message that encouraged everyone to “revel in what you are.” However, there was a new QR code clue on the episode, and Wyatt was advertised to appear on the October 14th episode of SmackDown in New Orleans, LA.

Now, a report from PWInsider confirms that Wyatt is set to be assigned to the SmackDown brand going forward.

Raw fans need not despair about lack of star power, however, as the season premiere saw the return of Brock Lesnar as he laid waste to now former United States Champion Bobby Lashley. One report believes that Lesnar’s Raw return was done as a make good to the USA network since Bray Wyatt will be on the blue brand on FOX.