Unknown Masked Man Wins Casino Ladder Match

AEW All Out

In a truly bizarre finish an unknown masked man claimed victory in the Casino Ladder Match, earning an AEW World Title match in the process.

The crowd was already at fever pitch and the action in the opening Ladder Match sent them into rapture.

The match began with Wheeler Yuta and Rey Fenix in the ring, not that the action stayed there for long. Both men ended up falling into a ladder on the outside before the arrival of RUSH. Not that RUSH was in a well… rush, going through his full entrance while Fenix climbed a ladder in the ring.

The next man in was Andrade El Idolo, and he quickly joined forces with tag team partner RUSH. The pair set up a ladder from the ropes to a ladder in the ring and one from the apron to the guard rail. It was the ladder in the ring first to go, as Andrade hit a Sunset Powerbomb on Yuta from the top of one ladder onto the second below.

The fifth man to enter was Claudio Castagnoli who picked up the two ladders with Andrade on and threw him out of the ring.

Incredibly the action kicked up another gear with the arrival of Dante Martin who was followed into the chaos by Penta. With moments of arriving, Penta had hit a Destroyer on Martin on the ramp and then a second on Andrade on the ladder that had been set up on the outside earlier.

Not to be left out, Fenix launched himself through RUSH through a table.

Bizarrely the ring was then stormed by a group of hooded figures, one of which climbed the ladder and grabbed the poker chip. The mystery man revealed himself to be Stokely Hathaway and the rest of the group his stable of wrestlers.

At this the joker was announced to the ring. To stunned silence, the Rolling Stones Sympathy for the Devil played out as a masked man walked to the ring and took the chip from Hathaway winning the match. The winner teased revealing their face before heading backstage.

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