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United States Championship Match Set For Money In The Bank

Theory Selfie United States Championship

After a gauntlet match on Raw, the next contender for Theory’s United States Championship has been crowned!

Last week, Bobby Lashley and Theory participated in a pose-down that saw both men show off their incredible physiques. However, when the crowd cheered for Lashley as the winner, an enraged Theory blinded The Almighty with baby oil.

Fast forward to this week, and Theory once again struck his poses in front of the Monday Night Raw crowd, claiming that he didn’t get to fully show off what he could do last week. While he was posing, Bobby Lashley snuck up behind him and launched a surprise attack on the United States Champion, who finally saw his attacker as he attempted to take selfies. In retribution for last week, Lashley threw baby oil in the champion’s face.

Lashley made it clear that he had his sights set on the United States Championship, but Theory refused to grant him a match outright. Instead, he said that Lashley had to face three mystery opponents in order to earn the opportunity, and that only after defeating them all would he be granted the title shot.

The first of the three opponents was Chad Gable, who appeared to have a chance against The Almighty when he got him in an ankle lock, but in the end Lashley was able to overcome and make Gable submit to a Hurt Lock. Next up was Gable’s Alpha Academy teammate Otis, who lost his match by disqualification when Gable interfered.

Finally, Theory himself came out as the third opponent. Despite his best efforts, he was unable to overcome, and Bobby Lashley was victorious, earning his United States Championship opportunity.

Elsewhere on Monday Night Raw, Elias returned to the red brand and reunited with his brother Ezekiel, much to the chagrin of Kevin Owens, who still refused to believe the brothers aren’t the same person despite seeing them appear side by side.

In the opening segment of the show, Bianca Belair announced that Rhea Ripley was not medically cleared to compete at Money in the Bank, and that she needed a new number one contender. After a fatal five way match, Carmella emerged victorious and will have a chance to win the Raw Women’s Championship at the Premium Live Event.

Vince McMahon also made his presence known on Raw, his second television appearance since stepping down as WWE CEO. He appeared before the Lincoln, NE audience to hype up the return of John Cena next week, 20 years to the day that the former WWE Champion debuted on SmackDown.

Full results from the June 20th episode of Raw can be found here.