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Undertaker x Snoop Dogg Merchandise Collaboration Announced

Undertaker x Snoop Dogg

WWE have today announced a merchandise collaboration between Undertaker and Snoop Dogg at WWEShop.com. The collaboration follows a similar deal that saw Triple H and Motörhead cross-branded merchandise.

An article on WWE.com says the collaboration pays tribute to the Undertaker’s debut 30 years ago this weekend, and Snoop Dog’s debut 27 years ago – almost exactly three years after the Deadman’s arrival.

“Emerging from the darkness on Nov. 22, 1990, Undertaker made his debut at Survivor Series and has left a lasting impact on the sports-entertainment industry ever since. Three years and one day later, with his mind on his money and his money on his mind, Snoop Dogg arrived and changed the landscape of rap music and pop culture forever with his debut album.

As reported by Complex, “The Original Deadman” and “The Original Gangsta” are collaborating on the new Undertaker X Snoop Dogg collection of merchandise. The collection will be available at today at 2 p.m. ET at WWEShop.com to the WWE Universe.”

WWE also calls the collaboration “an homage to the best to ever do it, the crossover line is a celebration of mutual respect between two icons who redefined their industries while creating legacies that will never die.”

The news just adds to an already bizarre week of tributes to the Deadman which has now saw him call out Piers Morgan, have a table permanently reserved at Nando’s, have Tyson Fury pay a very special tribute to him, eat some very hot sauce on Hot Ones, and launch a Cameo account.