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Undertaker On Worries Of Stage Fright During WWE Hall Of Fame

The Undertaker

The Undertaker spoke about the emotional experience of going into the WWE Hall of Fame and the possibility of getting stage fright on the night.

After a legendary career that spanned 30 years, The Undertaker is set to enter the WWE Hall of Fame as part of the Class of 2022. He’ll be inducted by none other than Vince McMahon and will be accompanied by Queen Sharmell, Vader, and the Steiner Brothers as fellow classmates.

Though his induction has been a long time coming, The Undertaker says he’s going to be a “nervous wreck” during his speech and candidly spoke to CBS Sports’ Shakiel Mahjouri about the possibility of him getting stage fright in the moment.

“Actually, I needed a little bit of a break. I’ve been working on the speech. I didn’t realize that the pressure was going to be quite as much as it is, but it’s going to be interesting.

“[Maybe] I get stage fright and forget everything that I was going to say that might be it. I might have to do a throat slash, eye-roll and call it a day… I know for me it’s going to be an extremely emotional, special night. Deep down, I’m very thankful that there will be an arena full of people there to see it, and I get to share that with them. Doing this kind of thing has become much more comfortable and speaking about the business.

“Now, when you started talking about your career and Hall of Fame and then you add fans to it. I’m going to be as honest as I can, I’m going to be a nervous wreck out there because I can share stories of things that have happened from Mark Calaway’s perspective, but actually, to share the things that I’m feeling, that’s going to be a first for me. That’s really going to be new. I can tell stories of things that me and Godfather did years ago and laugh about it.

The Undertaker continued, noting that fans didn’t necessarily respond well when he began giving out of character interviews because the illusion of the character they knew was shattered. He says that if he begins babbling on stage at his Hall of Fame induction, the final nail in the casket of the illusion of his character will be set.

“There are a few stories, some that we could actually say in public. But when you pull the curtain back and you start unravelling the emotions that come with it, it’s going to be a very interesting night for sure. I don’t know how well I’m going to do.

“When I first started doing this media over the last year or so, I got all the hate from like, ‘Well, there goes my childhood. There goes my childhood.’ Well, what happens when The Undertaker is a babbling, blubbering mess on stage and can’t get a sentence out? You know, that’ll put the nail in the casket, for sure.

Speaking along the same lines, The Undertaker said elsewhere in the interview that retiring in a crowdless arena was actually easier than the prospect of facing a crowd of adoring fans at his Hall of Fame induction.