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The Undertaker Recalls Unexpected Loss To The Rock And Vince McMahon’s Reaction

The Rock & The Undertaker

The Undertaker recounted the time he called an audible in the ring and lost to rising superstar The Rock on Monday Night Raw, telling him “It’s your night, kid.”

While The Rock has become one of the most famous names associated with WWE, there was a time that he was an up and coming Superstar, and veteran performer The Undertaker recalled a time when he had to lead the young star through a match on Monday Night Raw, changing the pre-planned finish to the match along the way.

In a somewhat bizarre meeting of worlds, The Undertaker recently appeared on Kevin Hart’s Cold as Balls to discuss his Hall of Fame career. When Hart asked the Deadman about being part of a changing of the guard

One of them would be your buddy, The Rock, way back in the day. You could tell he was right there on the threshold and we were in a match on Monday Night Raw. A bunch of things going on, it got kind of screwed up, and I had to audible.

After confirming to Hart that an “audible” meant a change that was called mid-match, The Undertaker continued:

I’m the tenured vet there right, and I remember telling him “Alright kid, it’s your night.” He hit me with the Rock Bottom and beat me. It was the right thing to do for business.

It’s unusual for wrestlers to make these sorts of decisions in the heat of the moment as those decisions are normally left up to the WWE Chairman. However, The Phenom revealed that Vince McMahon wasn’t upset with the decision at all and trusted one of his most tenured performers.

I told Vince, I said look, we were in trouble time wise, He goes “Any time, I trust you.”

The Undertaker’s faith in The Rock proved to be correct as the latter went on to become one of the most recognizable names in wrestling history. In fact, The Deadman himself put The Rock on his personal Mount Rushmore of Wrestling during the same interview along with three other legendary performers:

Ok. Andre, Stone Cold, Rock, and I’m gonna go with Shawn Michaels.

While it’s not out of the ordinary that Shawn Michaels would make anyone’s list of the greatest performers of all time, it might be a surprising choice for The Undertaker, who recently revealed that he wasn’t always a fan of HBK as a person.

Elsewhere in the interview, the man who would go on to become an American Badass detailed the toll professional wrestling has taken on his body and how many surgeries he’s had to counteract the effects of the beatings he’s taken in the ring.

The injuries I couldn’t even put a number on. The surgeries, I’ve had upwards 17-18 surgeries. Everybody feels like they’ve gotta give that disclaimer right away, like “this sh*t’s not real is it?” Well, it’s real enough to cause 17 surgeries.

What people don’t realize is in the course of a match, you’re only a couple inches away at any given time from something really catastrophic. That two inches is a really great night, or a really really bad night.”

The interview between Hart and the WWE Legend ended in a vicious thumb wrestling war, which Kevin Hart won by nefarious means. The Undertaker was clearly displeased, but before he could seek retribution against the comedian, an assistant to Hart spilled ashes from an urn and ended the segment.

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