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Undertaker Sends Heartwarming Response To Tyson Fury


After receiving a personalised tribute from boxing legend Tyson Fury, The Undertaker has sent a heartwarming response to The Gypsy King saying he “can’t wait” to watch Fury fight in person.

The Deadman responded to Fury, sending the heartwarming message of “stay healthy” before calling The Gypsy King’s journey “inspiring” in response to Fury’s tribute.

“Massive respect…thanks Champ. Keep doing what you’re doing and stay healthy. Watched your inspiring journey for a long time and cant wait to see you fight in person in the future!”

Tyson Fury, who has competed against former WWE Universal Champion Braun Strowman in the WWE squared circle, had previously sent a tribute to The Deadman, thanking him for all the great nights he’s given us over the years. In typical Tyson Fury style, though, the video would see the flamboyantly dressed boxer sport a Phenom inspired outfit and Championship title from Claudio Lugli.

“Hi, this is Tyson Fury and this is a special message to The Undertaker celebrating 30 years in WWE. Fantastic. Thank you very much for all the great nights you’ve given us over the years. God bless you. See you around.”

Tune in to watch The Undertaker’s Final Farewell this Sunday at Survivor Serieson the WWE Network.