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Undertaker Praises Brock Lesnar, Reveals Hilarious Nickname

Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar

WWE legend The Undertaker has opened up about his admiration for the “freak athlete” that is Brock Lesnar, before revealing his hilarious nickname for the Beast Incarnate!

Speaking on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, The Deadman would open up on a variety of topics – including CM Punk’s switch to UFC – but would praise the man who ended his WrestleMania streak.

“He’s a freak athlete. Oh my goodness [Brock Lesnar’s combine numbers], it’s ridiculous. He’s one of those guys that defy, you know, he was 260 pounds but his shot was like a 160. You can’t believe somebody his size can move the way he can move. He’s a freak athlete.”

The Undertaker would go on to say he used to have a…rather unique nickname for Brock Lesnar

“I used to call him The Vanilla Gorilla. He was. He was just a freak, freak dude.”

Meanwhile, here at Inside The Ropes, we recently unearthed some archive footage where Paul Heyman opened up about how Brock Lesnar would react to the notion of being “fed” to The Undertaker, but ended up becoming the 1 in 21-1 instead.

“Brock was sitting there going, he’s going… [Sighs] ‘Who am I going to have to work with now? Okay, Vince, who am I working with at WrestleMania?’ And Vince looks at Brock in the eyes and says, ‘The Undertaker!’ And of course, in Vince’s eyes, it was… ‘You’re going to be fed, you’re going to be the 0 in 22-0.’ And I will never forget, Brock and I walked out the door and we kind of… Brock had his own bus and we got into the bus, didn’t say a word to each other, got to the bus and I put down my phone and said, ‘Well, what do you think? Taker, huh?’ He said, going to take root under WrestleMania and it’s the first time I ever heard the phrase, Brock sat there, he’s just sitting, stirring, sitting at a table in his bus and Brock looks up and he goes, ’21-1. I’m the one.’ And I went, ‘Holy s***, 21-1. How do we make that happen?’ And Brock said, ‘That’s what we are going to do. We are going to conquer that f***ing streak at WrestleMania.'”

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