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Undertaker “Popped Huge” For Xavier Woods Gift, Says Mike Chioda

Undertaker & New Day

While the curtain has been pulled back on Mark Calaway, the man behind The Undertaker, since the Deadman said his final farewell at Survivor Series, the mystery and enigma that shrouded a 30-year career has slowly cleared. However, any story of the Undertaker “popping” for something will always take wrestling fans by surprise – and that’s just what The Deadman did for a gift he received from Xavier Woods!

Speaking on the Monday Mailbag podcast on AdFreeShows, legendary referee Mike Chioda has recalled how a gift from Xavier Woods to the Deadman “popped” a man we’re used to seeing completely emotionless on television.

That gift, of course, was the judge’s gavel that Undertaker presented during the Last Ride Documentary when recalling how he would preside over Wrestlers’ Court.

“I remember, I think not too long ago, Xavier Woods bought Taker, one of the handles with the judge, the little mallets or something that the judge has, and Taker loved that thing. You know, I think if you want to talk about popping Taker – when he got presented with that, and I think it says, ‘The Judge, The Undertaker, The Judge, Jury, and… You know, and he got it engraved for him.

Chioda went on to say how Undertaker called it “one of the coolest gifts” he’d ever been given.

Yeah, Xavier Woods popped Taker huge with that, man. That was a pretty cool gift. I think Taker said something like, at one point, he was like…one of the coolest gifts anybody has ever given him, and I was like, ‘S***, I never thought about that.’ (laughs) You know I should have got him one of them.”

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