Undertaker Names Greatest Technical Wrestler He’s Watched Work


When you’ve been in the wrestling industry for over 30 years, you’ve seen a lot of different talents come and go. And when you’ve been in the WWE for 30 years, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ve witnessed the work of many of the greatest wrestlers on the planet. While appearing on Hot Ones ahead of his Final Farewell, The Undertaker was asked who the greatest technical wrestler he ever saw was, and The Deadman answered with a name that may surprise many, but one who would be very difficult to argue against, in Arn Anderson.

“Technical? Wow. I’ll tell you what, Arn Anderson… Arn Anderson is up there. He was so solid in every facet, cutting unbelievable promos… On just technical ability, I’m going to go with Arn Anderson.”

Inside The Ropes recently asked Arn Anderson for his thoughts on Taker’s praise, with the Horseman saying the praise “floored” him, and how much of an “honour and a privilege” it was to be named over the likes of Shawn Michaels. Anderson continued that the praise was something he would take to his grave.

Stay tuned, our interview with Arn Anderson where we ask the man Undertaker named as the “greatest technical wrestler” he’s witnessed all about The Deadman, THAT Spinebuster at WrestleMania X-8 and much, much more.