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The Undertaker Hilariously Loses Thumb Wrestling War To Vicious Comedian Kevin Hart [Video]

Undertaker Kevin Hart

In a war that no one could have seen coming, The Undertaker succumbed to Kevin Hart in a hilarious thumb wrestling “battle” as part of the comedian’s YouTube show.

During an appearance on Kevin Hart’s Cold as Balls, The Undertaker accepted the good-natured challenge of a thumb wrestling war.

Kevin Hart adorned his thumb with a tiny hard hat, christening himself The Construction Man, while The Phenom put a mini version of his own Deadman hat on his thumb much to Hart’s chagrin. The two squared off in an official thumb wrestling ring, complete with WWE logo on the mat.

While Hart was explaining the rules of the match, he sneakily took the opportunity to pin the Undertaker’s thumb and declare himself the victor even though the war hadn’t technically begun. The Deadman made his objections known, throwing the tiny ring from the table in frustration and staring daggers at the undeserving victor.

Clearly intimidated by the gaze of an American Badass, Hart allowed Undertaker to take possession of the prestigious Thumb Belt, a tiny replica of the WWE World Championship that barely fit on the WWE Legend’s thumb.

Just when things looked to be escalating to a fever pitch, one of Hart’s assistants brought in an urn and spilled “ashes” to comedically end the segment.

Video of the hilarious thumb wrestling war and aftermath can be found below:

Elsewhere in the interview, The Undertaker was asked about a time in his career when it felt like a changing of the guard and recounted a story of calling an audible and losing to up and coming Superstar The Rock on Monday Night Raw.

You could tell he was right there on the threshold and we were in a match on Monday Night Raw. A bunch of things going on, it got kind of screwed up, and I had to audible.

After confirming to Hart that an “audible” meant a change that was called mid-match, The Undertaker continued:

I’m the tenured vet there right, and I remember telling him “Alright kid, it’s your night.” He hit me with the Rock Bottom and beat me. It was the right thing to do for business.

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