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Undertaker Discusses Iconic ‘Where To Stephanie’ Meme

The Undertaker

The Undertaker discussed the iconic moment when he kidnapped Stephanie McMahon and asked, “Where to, Stephanie?”

During his reign with the Ministry of Darkness in 1999, the Undertaker was known for a number of vile acts. Most notably, he kidnapped the then-innocent daughter of Vince McMahon in her first major on-screen storyline. He then forced her to participate in a wedding ceremony that would see him married to Stephanie before she was saved by Vince McMahon’s arch rival Stone Cold Steve Austin.

While it would later be revealed that Vince McMahon himself was the Higher Power in control of it all, the kidnapping and near forced marriage of Stephanie sent shockwaves through the WWE audience. While the wedding was certainly an iconic moment of its own, perhaps the most quoted segment of the whole feud was when the Undertaker posed as Stephanie’s limo driver and asked, “Where to, Stephanie?” eliciting a bloodcurdling scream from the Billion Dollar Princess.

Speaking to Shakiel Mahjouri for SHAK Wrestling, The Undertaker recalled this meme-worthy moment and says that they knew it was a hit as soon as it was filmed.

“There are times when you do something and you just know that’s money. There are other times when you need to watch it back and you critique. As soon as we did it, you know, the scream and everything, it was just one of those times where you go, ‘This is going to be a classic that people remember.’

“I didn’t know they remember it this long and for it to be so relevant at this stage, but I do remember shooting it that day. It was set up so well and caught people so off guard. It was a really, really cool segment that we did that day.”

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