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Undertaker Calls Out Piers Morgan


Ahead of his final farewell this weekend at Survivor Series, The Undertaker has astonishingly revealed that he might consider one more match – against Piers Morgan!

The Deadman spoke with Good Morning Britain to call out ‘The Morganator’ as the man who might tempt him back into the ring – if Piers Morgan agrees to put on the “pantyhose” and get in the squared circle.

“Like, I don’t have any aspirations of getting back in the ring but if Piers want to get in the squared circle, he might be the one to get me back in the ring. The Morganator, man, he’s big time over here on American TV. The strong English accent. He lets people have it over here. I’ll tell you what, that might be a good matchup for me. I might have to reconsider my final farewell if Piers would agree to putting on the pantyhose, or what do you call them? Is that what you call them – the pantyhose?”

Morgan would reply, too, saying simply, “The Morganator is ready.” The bizarre exchange comes in a week filled with equally odd happenings surrounding The Deadman, including a conversation with Tyson Fury after the Gypsy King donned some Undertaker-themed attire to honour the legendary Superstar, and Nando’s permanently reserved a table for Taker!

Ahead of Survivor Series, you can celebrate Undertaker Week on BT Sport. Find the full schedule here!