Top Independent Star Challenges UK PM Rishi Sunak To A Cage Match

Rishi Sunak Steel Cage

The United Kingdom has seen its fair share of political turmoil in recent months. With the resignations of both Boris Johnson and Liz Truss within the span of six weeks, Rishi Sunak is the latest to take on the mantle of Prime Minister, having previously served as Chief Secretary to the Treasury and later Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Top independent star EFFY is set to travel in the United Kingdom soon, and he laid out a unique challenge to the new Prime Minister in a video posted on TNT Extreme Wrestling’s social media.

EFFY Called Liz Truss “Garbage” Before Challenging Rishi Sunak To A Cage Match

To help promote his upcoming trip to the UK, EFFY challenged Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to a cage match, saying that if he wins, he’ll get to take over the United Kingdom. He also had choice words for former Prime Ministers Boris Johnson and Liz Truss.

“Many people have been asking me, EFFY, you’re not even British, how are you coming to the UK so much? Yeah, I mean, word is out. I’m coming to North Wrestling. I’m returning to TNT Wrestling. I’m doing a magical Q&A with the Untitled Wrestling Podcast. All right around December 1st. I don’t know the exact dates.

“But there’s a real reason I’m actually coming back to the UK. Well, you got rid of Boris, which was a good move, and then you got Liz Truss, and she was garbage, but she knew that. And now, Rishi Sunak, I’m coming back to the UK to challenge you to a cage match.

“Yeah, I’m gonna do interviews. Yeah, I’m gonna have sick matches. But I’m also going to beat the hell out of you in a cage match – which you’re going to agree to – become the Prime Minister of the UK, and then abolish the whole thing. And we’ll go back to anarchy in the UK, except without the Sex Pistols being sort of put together by a conglomerate and being a corporate entity that was built on….

“It doesn’t matter, EFFY’s coming back to the UK. I hope you’re excited, and all you Tories watch out because I’m gonna I’m gonna make you f*ck off. Right, did that? I didn’t even sound British. See you guys soon.”

As an openly gay man, EFFY has long been a champion for LGBTQIA+ representation in wrestling. However, he found himself the subject of online controversy when a clip of his match with fellow independent star Sandra Moone went viral.

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