UFC President Dana White Comments On Potential Brock Lesnar Dream Fight

Brock Lesnar entrance on WWE Raw

One of the biggest crossover news stories affecting both wrestling and MMA has been Jon Jones challenging Brock Lesnar to an MMA fight. According to the Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer, Jones has wanted to fight Lesnar for a long time and is doing whatever he can to make it happen.

And it’s not like there are any financial impediments at play here. Meltzer noted that Endeavor, UFC’s parent company, shouldn’t have any trouble meeting Lesnar’s asking price, which is alleged to be around $10,000,000 per fight.

But even if UFC and Endeavor have the deepest pockets, Lesnar himself may not be all that interested, so theorizes Dana White.

During an interview with Justin Barrasso for Sports Illustrated, White explained that he believes Brock Lesnar is done with mixed martial arts and is too focused on making money to rearrange his priorities just to make one single “dream fight” happen.

“Brock and I have a great relationship, and we always have, but I don’t think Brock wants to fight any more. Brock’s made a lot of money. He came into the UFC and won the heavyweight title. He’s got nothing left to prove. I don’t think he’d want to do it.”

Dana White doubts Brock Lesnar will return to MMA anytime soon

Brock Lesnar’s fulltime MMA career lasted about four years from 2007 to 2011, plus a one-off fight against Mark Hunt in 2016. In that time, he achieved a career record of 5 wins, three losses, and one no contest.

Meanwhile, Jon Jones has been a fulltime MMA fighter since 2008 and as of this writing boasts a career record of one loss, one no contest, and 27 wins. Of his wins, ten were by knockout, ten were by decision, and seven were by submission.

h/t WrestlingInc for the transcription