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Tyson Kidd Talks In-Ring Return

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Tyson Kidd has spoken out about meeting with Vince McMahon regarding a possible return to the squared circle.

In 2015, the Canadian marvel was forced to step away from the industry he loved after suffering a career ending injury in a match with Samoa Joe.

Receiving sixteen staples, four screws and a steel rod in his neck in order to save his life and mobility, it was decided that the last graduate of the famous Hart dungeon was done as an active talent.

The diagnosis didn’t deter Kidd. He returned to work as a WWE producer, a role he has served in ever since, but sparked speculation several months ago when his wife, Natalya, posted a video on social media of the star running the ropes.

Now, Tyson Kidd has joined the cast of The New Day: Feel the Power to discuss his career ending injury, how he dealt with the news that he would never wrestle again and recently approaching Vince McMahon regarding an in-ring return.

According to Kidd, he asked his boss for one last hurrah as an entrant in the Royal Rumble, but after careful consideration, there was no chance McMahon could clear him for action:

“I kind of did [approach Vince McMahon]. I wanted to close that book of me being an in-ring performer. I thought what better way than the Royal Rumble, in terms of I wouldn’t have to get slammed. I remember talking to Vince about it. He said, ‘Do you need an answer today or do I need time to think about it?’ I said, ‘Of course take your time. Take as much time as you need.’ When I was presenting to him, I said, ‘I can even do next year’s, Royal Rumble. It can be anytime.’

He called me one day and said he put a lot of thought into it and we would try to control everything in or end, but what if something outside of our realm were to happen and it was to undo all the good that has happened over the last two years in terms of me being a cruiserweight. His thoughts were why risk that–in my mind, his visual was me coming from the entrance and getting hit from behind and whiplashes me and my neck’s super messed up.”

Accepting the decision like a man, Tyson Kidd spoke on how he knew Vince was doing the right thing even though the answer was disappointing:

“I remember thinking, okay, I offered this to Vince and he had two weeks to put solid thought to it and this was his answer. I had this visual in my mind of somebody coming and pushing me. Three months later, what happens at the Hall of Fame? Some dude slides in and takes Bret and Nattie down. This is almost like what I envisioned happening to me and I remember thinking that almost as a sign of, ‘Okay, I know what I’m supposed to be doing. yes, it would be cool if I could write the final page of my in ring career, but I can’t.’

When Vince told me that he put a lot of thought into it and just couldn’t clear me, I’d say I was 40% disappointed and 60% relieved. As we were talking, I felt that anxiety leave my system. So, I don’t have that anymore, but I do get a lot of fulfillment on the matches that I produce. I can almost get the same fulfillment.”

The conversation soon moved on to the injury that had caused Tyson to step away from the industry he loved. Opening up, the star detailed just how difficult it was for him to recover and process that he would never step into the ring again:

“After surgery, they said a key phrase to a lot of people who get injured. My other injury was I tore my knee, but that was different because I can do rehab. With my neck, it’s a different story. They fuse a bone in my neck and I just have to let the diffusion take place and the way by doing that is not having that much movement. Very much the opposite of what my knee was. It was a lot of me not being allowed to do a lot physically. It was very much the opposite of what I like to do. It was a process especially mentally, in terms of telling myself not doing anything today.

To go from working five days a week to zero, I had that before with my knee, but I knew was going to come back and get cleared. When you get hurt, you also make friends with people who also had neck injuries like Kurt Angle. I was a big fan of his, but I didn’t know him and all of a sudden he gets my phone number and he’s calling me and texting me. Steve Austin, same thing, because I was in Texas and he was having his people look at my surgeons that I was going to go to.”

Though Tyson Kidd may never return to action, he has left a legacy behind him that many mid-card wrestlers never attain.

Not only was he WWE World Tag Team Champion and WWE Tag Team Champion during his time in the ring, but he also helped to establish NXT as a force to be reckoned with in the brand’s earliest incarnation.

Credit for the interview: The New Day: Feel the Power

h/t for the transcription: Wrestling Inc.