Tyson Kidd Reveals Bayley As Most Improved Wrestler

Tyson Kidd Thumb

Tyson Kidd took to Twitter to praise Bayley as the most improved wrestler he’s ever seen. The current WWE producer tweeted on Sunday, praising Bayley who also made her ‘Broken Skull Sessions’ debut this week.

He wrote:

Mannnnnn, I have nothing but love in my heart when it comes to @itsBayleyWWE I’ve told her personally and I’ll publicly say it-she’s the most improved wrestler I’ve ever seen in front of my eyes. It’s incredibly inspiring to see and highly contagious to be around.

The former three-time tag team champion was speaking in response to a clip of Bayley on the ‘Broken Skull Sessions‘ with Stone Cold Steve Austin where Bayley was heavily praising TJ, giving huge insight into TJ’s impact behind the scenes, she says:

Everybody has been so supportive of me, but the first person that comes to mind is, like, TJ Wilson. He is our producer in WWE who we are so lucky to have, he helps with all the women’s matches. I’ve been so lucky to work with him so closely this year, he’s like such a wrestling genius and watches it and just picks everything apart, he knows everything.

He’s the one that actually points things out that I do, so he’s like ‘oh when you did this in the match..’ he’ll always watch the matches back before I do. ‘when you did this that was awesome, when you do this it’s great’, so then I watch those things so I know I’ll keep doing that. So he’s the one that probably compliments me the most to be honest and he’s so proud of the work that I have done, and it makes me so happy.

This back & forth praise didn’t go unnoticed to another of WWE’s elite, Randy Orton took time out to retweet TJ’s comments and said:

“That’s a hell of an endorsement [Bayley]”.

Bayley also responded on social media commenting:

“DUDE! Thank you TJ. If they only knew!!”.

On June 1st 2015, TJ suffered a spinal chord injury on a RAW dark match with Samoa Joe. Several weeks later it was revealed just how severe the injury was, the recovery was long and arduous but TJ survived. In Jun 2017, the WWE hired TJ as a full-time employee as a producer – ending his in-ring career and moving him to the alumni section of the roster.

It’s clear that TJ has a huge impact backstage with the WWE superstars, his knowledge and abilities (which always shone through when he was on screen) are now being put to the best use possible as he helps craft and perfect the WWE stars of tomorrow.