Tyson Kidd On His Dream Retirement Matches

Tyson Kidd TJ Wilson

Tyson Kidd took to The Angle Podcast to reveal who he would love to face in a retirement match. The former Hart Dynasty member has been out of action since 2015 after suffering a horrendous neck injury sustained during a dark match against former NXT Champion Samoa Joe. The extent of the injury forced the three-time Tag Team Champion to walk away from the ring and take up a role backstage at the WWE.

Although chances are slim that Kidd could return to the ring, he did discuss dream opponents on The Angle Podcast:

“In terms of an actual match, would it be me vs. Cesaro or me vs. Harry or me, Cesaro, and Harry in a match against The New Day?” said Kidd. “Right as I got hurt, I saw Jason Jordan and Chad Gable started hitting their strides and I thought of what great matches we could have. I think Gable is so good.”

The tag-team specialist held tag team gold with both Cesaro and childhood friend Harry – better known as Davey Boy Smith Jr. He then revealed an alternative plan to finish his career:

“I did think about it being in a Royal Rumble where I could kind of control things in that environment where I’d be very low risk, but there’s still a risk there,” Kidd said. “That was in my head how to write the last wrestling chapter in my life.”

In recent years, several superstars have returned from injuries originally thought to be career-ending. Daniel Bryan made a successful return in 2018, going on to capture the WWE Championship. Additionally, WWE Hall of Fame Edge returned to WWE at the 2020 Royal Rumble, following his original retirement in 2011.

Tyson Kidd continues to work behind the scenes in WWE as a producer; a role he has held since the summer of 2017. A lifelong friend of the Hart family, Kidd also recently discussed his thoughts on the Montreal Screwjob.

Credit The Angle Podcast